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What is the Sparq Soccer Rating?

The SPARQ Soccer Rating is a proprietary, standardized method for evaluating match-relevant athletic and functional ability. It is a single number derived from performances on four soccer-specific physical tests of speed, power, agility and endurance capacity. The results serve as the foundation for individualized training programs.

Speed 20-Meter Sprint Linear Acceleration and Speed (High-intensity Running Breakaway speed, recovering from loss of possession
Power Vertical Jump Lower-Body Explosive Power Head balls, first step explosiveness, creating space
Agility Arrowhead Agility Agility, Change of Direction, Postural Control, Speed Multi-directional nature of game means agility may be most important factor in physical profile
Endurance Capacity Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test, Level 2 Endurance/Recovery Capacity Ability to repeat and recover from high-intensity exercise