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USYS Announcement

By Karen Read, 06/07/22, 5:45PM EDT


Vardar Accepted!!! 

We are very pleased to announce we have been accepted to the USYS Club to  Club platform! The format for boys ages U15-U19 begins in the late fall of 2022  and will compete in the Great Lakes Region. These teams will be called Vardar  National League.  

The league will consist of 7 games in addition to 2 college showcases to be determined by  the Vardar Coaching staff.  

Great Lakes Conference Teams for 2022-23 Season  

 Arsenal SC (PAW)  

 Cincinnati United SC (CUP) (OH)  

 Club Ohio Soccer (OH)  

 Hoosier Futbol Club (IN)  

 Lexington Sporting Club (KY)  

 Pacesetter Soccer Club (OH)  

 SCS United (PAW)  

 VARDAR Soccer Club (MI)  


Great Lakes Conference Club vs. Club Division, Club vs. Club Goals and  Objectives  

 Create a club-centric competition model  

 Focus on player development through a controlled, competitive and positive  environment  

 Provide “full-service” clubs with meaningful competition  

 Club development through competition  

 Scheduling control  

 Connect like-minded clubs with common goals  

 Maintain the highest standards on and off the field  

If you have questions on this format, please review the FAQ document below. You can also  email or call Steve Arce at 248-786-7803 or email 




Q. What is the difference between ECNL and USYS National League Club to Club?  

A. ECNL is run through US Club Soccer which has no affiliation with the US Youth Soccer  (USYS) National Championship Series. This means we now have a direct tie into USYS and no  longer must play in the intra MYSL League for State Cup qualification. It also means if we win  our Great Lakes Conference league, we get a bye into the USYS Regional Championships!  

Q. How does this affect college recruitment?  

A. We now can pick and choose a college showcase that makes sense for each respective age  group. Especially for the U17 and U19 teams we will carefully choose showcases that maximize  college exposure and don’t require extensive travel.  

Q. Can any team make National League Club to Club?  

A. We are the only club that has applied and been accepted into this league from Michigan.  Clubs have to apply, and it is club based, not team or age based (hence the name club to  club).  

Q. Since the season doesn’t start until after high school what can we expect for the start of Club  to Club?  

A. When the boys return from High School, we will play in a winter showcase and possibly play  a few league games in the late fall before going into the winter program of training and local  indoor league games. In the Spring we will play the remainder of club-to-club league games,  compete in State Cup and play in a second showcase.  

Q. When will we know what Showcases we will attend?  

A. After tryouts the staff will meet and determine which showcases to attend and communicate  with the families.  

Q. How many practices a week will Club to Club teams train?  

A. In season, we will train twice a week plus a cross over session with the MLS Next team  from your respective age group.  

Q. What is the target number of games for Club-to-Club teams?  

A. Between league play, Showcase, State Cup and Winter Games we hope to play 22-25 games