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Vardar and Hoverla Partnership

By Karen Read, 08/22/23, 5:30PM EDT


Historic Partnership Between Vardar Soccer Club and Hoverla F.C. Enriching the Soccer Experience in Southeast Michigan 

[Rochester Hills, MI | Warren, MI | 8.21.2023] – Vardar Soccer Club and Hoverla F.C. are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership that promises to empower young  talents to reach their full potential and enhance the soccer experience for players in  Southeast Michigan. This collaborative venture is set to bring together two passionate  soccer communities to foster athlete development and enhance player opportunities. 

The partnership, rooted in a shared passion for soccer and a commitment to community  enrichment, brings together Vardar Soccer Club, an esteemed institution known for its  history of excellence, and Hoverla F.C., a rising force with a strong emphasis on youth  development and community engagement. 

Key elements of the partnership include: 

1. Scouting Network: The most integral part of this new partnership is the scouting  network which will enable Vardar Soccer Club to identify talent from Hoverla F.C. and create a pipeline of players who can contribute to the success of Vardar  Soccer Club. This opportunity allows for talented Hoverla F.C. individuals to be  able to succeed and thrive in an environment fit for their level of play, to compete  in competitive leagues such as Directors Academy, MSPSP, National Academy  League and MLS Next, and to experience a broader range of playing styles and  coaching techniques. 

2. Joint Youth Development Initiatives: Vardar Soccer Club and Hoverla F.C. will  collaborate on joint youth development initiatives, including coaching clinics,  camps, and talent identification programs. The aim is to identify and nurture the  next generation of soccer stars within the region. 

3. Friendly Matches and Tournaments: Vardar Soccer Club and Hoverla F.C. will  engage in friendly matches and tournaments, creating exciting opportunities for  players to challenge themselves against top-tier opposition. 

4. Shared Resources: Both clubs will share resources to maximize their impact on  the soccer community. This cooperation will lead to more accessible training  opportunities and a collaborative curriculum. 

Vardar Soccer Club and Hoverla F.C. will kick off their partnership with a set of  exhibition matches to take place in August of 2023. 

Representatives from both clubs expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership and its  potential to make a positive impact on the local soccer scene. 

Roman Kravets, Hoverla F.C. Youth Director said, "This partnership is an incredible  opportunity to unite our efforts and create a stronger soccer community in Southeast 

Michigan. Hoverla F.C. is committed to offering opportunities for players of all skill levels  and help them succeed in the world of soccer. That is why we are proud to be providing  this pathway for Hoverla F.C. players to progress and achieve their goals on a higher  level. Together, we can nurture young talent, promote the sport we love, and build a  legacy that extends beyond the field." 

Mike Lupenec, MLS NEXT Technical Director stated, "We are thrilled to embark on this  exciting partnership with Hoverla F.C. Just as Vardar Soccer Club has a rich tradition of  producing exceptional players and teams, we see immense potential in joining forces  with Hoverla F.C. to create a dynamic collaboration that will elevate the local soccer  scene to new heights. Through this partnership, we aim to combine our expertise,  experience, and dedication to player development, fostering an environment where  young talents can flourish and reach their highest potential. Together, we envision a  future where our collective efforts not only shape great soccer players, but also  empower these young athletes to succeed both on and off the field. The journey ahead  is full of promise, and we can't wait to witness the positive impact we'll make together in  the world of soccer." 

For media inquiries and further information about the partnership, please contact: 

Roman Kravets, Hoverla F.C. Youth Director 


Mike Lupenec, MLS NEXT Technical Director 


About Hoverla F.C.: 

Hoverla F.C. is a prominent soccer club based in Warren, MI, dedicated to nurturing  talent and promoting the sport in the local community. With a strong focus on player  development and community engagement, the club has earned a reputation for  excellence. 

About Vardar Soccer Club: 

The Vardar Soccer Club of Michigan is dedicated to the development of excellence and  sportsmanship in its members and is the top soccer club in the state of Michigan. We have earned the reputation on a nationwide basis of consistently producing winning  teams. No matter where our teams may travel, they receive immediate recognition.