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College Recruiting

College Recruiting

Selecting a College- Finding the right fit.

Creating a Priority List:

  • Think about what it is that you want from your college experience.
  • List the items in terms of how important each is to you and as you visit or compare schools see how each institution meets your needs.

Potential Issues:

  • Location
  • in state/out of state
  • proximity to home
  • urban/suburban/rural


  • total
  • class size
  • on campus population

Educational Program

  • does it have what you want?
  • quality of program
  • reputation of the school
  • post graduation possibilities


  • what do you need?
  • what will you accept?

Soccer Program

  • how good is the program? Post-season possibilities?
  • what kind of initial role will you accept or expect: sub, starter,etc…
  • facilities
  • do you feel comfortable with the coach and players?

Social life

  • what are your expectations? Big school vs little school . commuter campus vs dorm life.
  • When looking at a school, see how each institution matches each of your priorities. Hopefully, this will aid you in selecting a college, which is a good “fit” for you.


  • NCAA Clearinghouse website
  • This site will provide you with information about initial-eligibility at NCAA Division I and II member colleges and universities.